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When do I pay for my Order?

There are two payment stages at ShopandBox to ensure that our Shoppers accurately pay for what your items cost and to minimise shipping fees.

Invoice 1:

The first payment covers three things and must be paid upfront before your Boxer goes out to purchase the items for you:

  • Total Cost of Items
  • Domestic Shipping Costs (from the merchant to the Boxer)
  • Any applicable Tax / Goods and Services Tax (GST) / Value Added Tax (VAT)

Invoice 2:

The second payment covers a number of things and must be paid upfront before your Boxer can ship all your items to you immediately.

  • International Shipping Fee (from the Boxer to Shopper address)
  • ShopandBox Service Fee
  • Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee (if any agreed with your Boxer)
  • Voucher Code (if any applied to the Order)
  • Invoice Difference (if any amount is over/under-paid from Invoice 1)

Do note that a PayPal transaction fee is applied to the payment of each invoice and all PayPal transaction fees goes directly to PayPal.

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