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Can Boxer provide recommendations and where can I get more ideas?

Boxers are more than happy to provide recommendations – simply speak to your Boxer directly via the Message Board on your Orders page. Alternatively, there are many ways to get inspired:

Boxer Profile Page

Each Boxer has their own Boxer Profile page which lists all the stores that they love to shop in and recommendations for what’s hot in their country. To maximise your order with your assigned Boxer, simply click on your Boxer’s name to go to their Boxer Profile page to see this list.

ShopandBox Articles & Blog
ShopandBox are always looking for new shopping trends around the world – for inspiration, go to Discover on the top panel and go to the top navigation panel to Discover and go to either Get Inspired or Blog.

ShopandBox ‘Boxer Loves Shopping At…’ Directory
Coming soon, ShopandBox will provide a one-stop list of stores that all our Boxers around the world love to shop in. You can search and filter by country of choice or by product category. Stay tuned!

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