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Can I order Online and In-Store?

You sure can!

Boxers can help you go into physical brick and mortar stores to help you purchase anything you want. Simply select the ‘In-Store’ option from the Order Type field when you add an item to your Wishlist. This will indicate to your Boxer that you would like the item purchased In-Store.

If you are unable to find or select ‘In Store’ for your item, simply let your Boxer know you would like an item purchased In-Store via the Message Board of your order page.

Quite often, your Boxer will first attempt to source for an Online store that has the exact same item available for purchase. This is because in most cases it saves time and effort

purchasing online than purchasing in-store.

Do note that at the Boxers discretion, if the store is not in their weekly routine of stores they frequent, Boxer may request a small Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee to cover any additional time and transportation charges to trek to the store.

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