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I would like to sign-up for a subscription box – how does it work with ShopandBox?

Subscriptions are an exciting way to get a goodies box every month! Here is how ShopandBox can help you get your hands on them:

  1. Add a subscription package into your Order as an item
  2. ShopandBox will assign you the most appropriate Boxer to help with your Order
  3. Every month, the same assigned Boxer will let you know when your next subscription has arrived and is ready for shipping
  4. Simply log in to the ShopandBox site and submit a new Order
  5. Your assigned Boxer will ship your monthly box to you

Here is an example: Billy found a subscription package that is not available in his country and wants to sign-up for 4 months at USD$50 per month. Billy submits an Order on ShopandBox to get his hands on them! ShopandBox assigns Boxer Klaus to help Billy with this Order.

Ordering a Subscription Box & Subscription Cycles

Order (Month) 1:

  • Billy submits an order for the full subscription package where Total Cost of Items is USD$50 per month x 4months = USD$200
  • Domestic shipping costs and Tax/GST/VAT for the full subscription package is included
  • The Service Fee is calculated based on the Total Cost of Items
  • Boxer Klaus calculates International Shipping based on the first month package only
  • Billy pays for Order 1: Invoice #1 + Service Fee + International Shipping (1 box)

Order (Month) 2:

  • Boxer Klaus notifies Billy that his second month subscription has arrived
  • Billy goes into ShopandBox and submits a new Order to get his Month 2 subscription
  • Boxer Klaus zeros the Total Cost of Items as the subscription is already paid for
  • The Service Fee is set to the minimum service fee
  • Boxer Klaus sets the International Shipping based on the second month package only
  • Billy pays for Order 2: Minimum Service Fee + International Shipping (1 box)

Order (Month) 3 and 4 will follow the same process as Order (Month 2) until the end of the subscription period.

Before you sign-up for a subscription package, make sure you check the merchant’s cancellation clause and timeframe. If you absolutely must cancel your subscription and there are no penalties, your Boxer will submit a subscription request on your behalf. You will be refunded the remaining subscription period (minus any merchant cancellation fees). All Service Fees are non-refundable. If it is more than 55 days from when payment for the last order was made a PayPal transaction fee will apply to transfer the remaining funds back to you.

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