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What happens if the cost of my item has gone up in price?

Shopping, deals and bargains tend to be rapid and fluid and sometimes prices tend to change or fluctuate with the market. To make sure we get your Order to you as soon as possible, we have set some guidelines with Boxers:

Price increase by less than or equal to USD$5 or 5%
ShopandBox will be happy to cover for the price increase if it is less than or equal to USD$5 or 5% (whichever is lesser) so that your assigned Boxer can continue and purchase the item. The price difference will be reflected in Invoice #2 for you to review and make payment to get your box of goodies shipped to you.

Price increased by more than USD$5 (before purchase)
If the price increases by more than USD$5 or 5% of the original value, your assigned Boxer will ask for your permission before purchasing your product. Speak with your Boxer as to what you would like to do with the item and whether to still include it in your order.

If the item price has decreased
We all love a bargain! If the price has decreased, make sure that your Boxer knows this too before they go shopping. If you have yet to pay Invoice #1, the new price will be reflected on the new total. If you have already paid Invoice #1 and your Boxer has purchased the item cheaper, then the difference will be deducted from your Invoice #2.

Communication is key! Once your Boxer has purchased the item, any price decreases will not be able to be reflected on the total so let your Boxer know immediately if you know the price has decreased.

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