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How do I create a Wishlist?

At ShopandBox we encourage you to add all the items you’re dreaming about into your Wishlists!

You can create a Wishlist of items for all countries where ShopandBox has a Boxer ready and waiting to shop for you.

These can be items you know you want to get very soon, or something that you wish to consider purchasing in future. This gives you the opportunity to view all items you have added and the flexibility to decide to create an order engaging the help of a Boxer to start helping you shop for them. Remember, you can change the Item Details (e.g. Item Store Name/URL, Item Picture, Item Price) for all items added to your Wishlist at any time.

To navigate to your My Wishlists simply Sign In >> My Account >> My Wishlists

From here simply select the country you wish to shop from and click on your selected country’s ‘Add to Wishlist’ button to start adding items!

Another way to add an item to your Wishlists is from the ShopandBox homepage, under ‘Tell us what you want to buy? This is a quick way to add an Item to your Wishlist but only allows you to provide minimum Item Details. To provide more Item Details for your item simply navigate to the My Wishlists section and respective country Wishlist where you can edit Item Details for any items added to your Wishlist.

There are several other ways you can add items to your Wishlists throughout the ShopandBox platform. In general look for the ‘Add to Wishlist’ buttons against items in the site, or use the floating + sign which allows you to add items to your country Wishlist.

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